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I bet there are 75 carpet cleaning companies in the local area. What makes us different from the others? First of all, we take our time so the job is done correctly. Secondly, our owner Tom Ingram was a certified Carpet Cleaning Technician by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in 2015.

We will also do our best to care for your home or business. We will put moving blankets down on hard surfaces to help protect them. If we happen to drip anything we will mop up the floor as we leave. We use corner guards to help protect painted corners from our hoses. We tie off our hoses when going up or down steps to help protect the walls. We also use a Seal A Door to help keep your pets, plus the heating and air conditioning inside.

Standard Cleaning
  • Survey the job
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Do a fiber ID test if needed
  • Apply the correct cleaning solution based on the ID test
  • Agitate the cleaning solution into the carpet with a Counter Rotating Brush
  • Allow a proper amount of time for the cleaning solution to break down the soils in/on the carpet
  • We use a carpet cleaning wand and a rinsing agent from our Truckmounted system to clean/rinse your carpet. We use water approximately 190 degrees and 350 psi so we don’t soak your carpet and pad like some companies.
  • Rake the lines out of the carpet if needed or requested
  • Apply carpet protectant if selected.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

There are times a standard cleaning will just not get the carpets clean. This is when Deep Cleaning is required. The basics are the same except we will use a Rotovac 360i to clean the carpet. This machine looks like a buffer and uses a rotating/scrubbing head on it. It allows us to agitate the carpet in a more aggressive manner and rinse it more thoroughly to remove the extra soil and contaminates.

We also provide specialty cleaning of spots, pet spots, pet odors, heavily soiled carpet all at an additional cost. Additional chemicals and time cost money.

We offer both Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning and Very Low Moisture cleaning techniques to our residential and commercial customers.

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